Payroll to be used in all Fields

Technology has become a necessity in today's fast pace world across all industries and business verticals.

BTS Payroll is HR Management software that can generate all reports needed for submission to KRA/NSSF/NHIF

Service Offers

  • Payroll Processing
  • Tax/Statutory Deductions Management
  • Deductions Management
  • Earning & Benefits Management
  • Loans Management


  • The system supporst up to unlimited number of different payrolls.
  • Each payroll can be prepared monthly.
  • The maximum number of employees per payroll is about 1000.
  • The system can handle any addition financial adjustment elements are required.
  • The system have the following adjusments preset:
    1. subject to PAYE, NHIF and NSSF
    2. subject to PAYE, but not NHIF and NSSF
    3. subject to NHIF & NSSF but not subject to PAYE
    4. not subject PAYE, NHIF & NSSF
  • Any number of deductions elements can be entered.
  • It will be possible to select taxable and non-taxable deduction items.
  • A record of the payments are kept for the annual and monthly returns to the income tax department.
  • The system will be able to support pension schemes.
  • The system will be able to accommodate co-operative and other voluntary contributions.
  • Year to date memorandum figures for pension contributions will be kept by the system.
  • The system will maintain holiday records in terms of days entitlement and usage.
  • The system will allow for the following additional elements to make up gross pay:
    1. a basic monthly rate
    2. up to 5 overtime rates,
    3. expenses,
    4. bonus payments,
    5. up to unlimited permanent variations,
    6. up to five unlimited temporary variations.
  • Permanent variations will run for a fixed timespan of two or more periods or for an open-ended time.
  • For temporary variations it will be possible for the user to define the description of the variation, such description appearing on output reports including payslips.
  • The system allows for pay elements to be calculated on the basis of a standard period basic pay.
  • The system can cater for deductions as follows:
    1. PAYE,
    2. National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF)
    3. National Social Security Fund (NSSF)
    4. Service Charge (LASC)
    5. Pension Scheme
    6. up to five temporary variations.
    7. up to five permanent variations,
  • For each employee it is possible to maintain up to five reducing balance loans.
  • Access to the separate payrolls must be restricted by means of access profiles defined for each user. Programs must be password protected.
  • All input will be subject to full validation and reasonability checking.

If you are interested in knowing more about BTS Payroll, please get in touch by clicking on the link below. You can also request a demo.